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Archive for the ‘M-Switch’ Category

Using Message Acknowledgements for Tracking, Correlation and Fire & Forget

Updates to our ‘SCRAM’ Whitepaper

Update to M-Switch Anti-Spam False Negative Graph

Thunderbird MMHS over SMTP Plugin now available

Spam ‘declining’?

Security Update: OpenSSL vulnerability

Security Label Checking & Improved S/MIME Support in M-Switch (R14.6)

Security Label Capabilities in M-Switch

SCRAM: A New Protocol for Password Authentication (whitepaper)

New Web page – M-Switch Encryption

MIXER and AMHS don’t mix

Military Messaging Interoperability Testing

Measuring the False Negative Rate for Isode’s M-Switch Anti-Spam

Measuring False Negatives and IP Reputation

MConsole Switch Configuration View – new in R14.6

M-Switch: Constrained Networks & HF Radio

M-Switch Authorization in R14.6

M-Switch Anti-Spam False Negative Rate Graph Update

M-Switch Advanced Guide

LEMONADE: Forward without download

Isode R14.4: Ongoing work on M-Switch GUI Configuration Management

Isode R14.4: M-Switch MIXER enhancements to support S/MIME & Security Labels

Isode R14.4: File Transfer by Email

Isode R14.4: CCCP – Supporting External Content Checking and Converion of Internet Mail in M-Switch

Isode R14.3 released

IPv6 Support (in R14.6)


Email for constrained link environments, a new evaluation guide

Easy PKI: Deploying Digital Signatures

Combined X.400 UA/Distribution List (in R14.6)

ClamAV – Useful, Free Anti-Virus