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Archive for the ‘Messaging’ Category

XMPP Reliability, new Isode whitepaper

XMPP Performance over HF Radio using STANAG 5066 and IP

XMPP over HF Radio?

X.400 Wildcard Routing

X.400 Features for Military Messaging and AMHS

Using SMTP to provide a Military Messaging Service

Using Message Acknowledgements for Tracking, Correlation and Fire & Forget

Tricast Mail

Thunderbird MMHS over SMTP Plugin now available

The M-Link IRC Gateway: new whitepapers

The Isode Mobile Email Gateway

The Google (Gmail) effect

Testing Messaging and Applications over HF Radio

SMTP Extension for Message Transfer Priorities

Smartphone manufacturers neglect email at their peril

Security Label Checking & Improved S/MIME Support in M-Switch (R14.6)

SCRAM: A New Protocol for Password Authentication (whitepaper)

R14.6: X.400 Mailbox Management in MConsole

R14.4: Security Label Support in M-Link (Isode’s XMPP Server)

Outlook MMHS over SMTP plugin now available

Open Standards for Mobile Messaging – an important milestone.

New Whitepaper: IMAP IDLE – The best approach for ‘push’ email

New Partnership: Isode And Fine Point Technologies

New Military Messaging product from Isode partner Boldon James

New Internet Messaging Evaluations

Network Computing Reviews the LEMONADE Mobile Email Standard

More on the POP to IMAP Gateway

Modest goes beta

Mobile Messaging

Military Messaging Interoperability Testing

Military Messaging (MMHS) over SMTP

Microsoft – worst mobile OS for push email?

Message security for ground-to-ground messaging is vital and lacking

Measuring False Negatives and IP Reputation

MConsole Switch Configuration View – new in R14.6

M-Switch: Constrained Networks & HF Radio

M-Switch Authorization in R14.6

M-Link now on DISA Approved Products List

M-Link & XMPP Performance Measurements over Satcom and Constrained IP Networks launched to act as portal for new mobile messaging open standard.

LEMONADE: Forward without download

Lemonade on the go

Lemonade Interop, Munich

Lemonade email client development

Lemonade and IMAP for Mobile Messaging

Isode’s M-Box and LEMONADE

Isode R14.4: File Transfer by Email

Isode R14.4: Audit Database – switch to full JDBC operation

Isode propose Open Standards approach to challenges of mobile messaging.

Isode Partner Boldon James wins MMHS contract

Isode Partner Boldon James Demonstrates Tactical Messenger

Isode at High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA)

Isode at DSEi

Isode at AFCEA West (San Diego)

Isode and LEMONADE