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Archive for the ‘Military’ Category

XMPP Solutions for Military & Government

XMPP Performance over HF Radio using STANAG 5066 and IP

XMPP over HF Radio?

XMPP in Constrained Link Environments, new evaluation guide

XMPP a “notable interoperability highlight” at CWID 2010

X.400 Disaster Recovery

Using SMTP to provide a Military Messaging Service

Updates to Military Messaging Solution section

Thunderbird MMHS over SMTP Plugin now available

The M-Link IRC Gateway: new whitepapers

Testing Messaging and Applications over HF Radio

SMTP Extension for Message Transfer Priorities

R14.4: Security Label Support in M-Link (Isode’s XMPP Server)

Outlook MMHS over SMTP plugin now available

Optimizing STANAG 5066 Parameter Settings for HF & WBHF

New Military XMPP Solutions page

New Military Messaging product from Isode partner Boldon James

Military Messaging Interoperability Testing

Military Messaging (MMHS) over SMTP

M-Switch: Constrained Networks & HF Radio

M-Link Support for XMPP over Constrained Networks

M-Link & XMPP Performance Measurements over Satcom and Constrained IP Networks

Low-Bandwidth XMPP at NATO Arctic Tiger 2012

Isode R14.4: Security Policy Enhancements

Isode R14.4: FLOT and other text format Security Label support

Isode Partner Boldon James wins MMHS contract

Isode Partner Boldon James Demonstrates Tactical Messenger

Isode at the High Frequency Industry Association

Isode at High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA)

Isode at DSEi

Isode at AFCEA West (San Diego)

Interworking with XMPP Clients and Servers lacking security label support

Instant Messaging and Presence for Secure Environments

HFIA Presentation

HF Radio & Network Centric Warfare

EMCON extensions to ACP 142 to support BRASS and Data Diode (in R14.6)

Email for constrained link environments, a new evaluation guide

Easy Security Label Support for Email Clients

ACP 145: Isode Support for International MMHS Gateways