First International LDAP Conference

August 24, 2007

The first International LDAP Conference, organised by the German Unix Users Group, takes place in Cologne on the 6th & 7th of September this year (more information here).

Isode’s Kurt Zeilenga is giving the conference’s introductory presentation, a report on current directory standardization activities, and we’ll be posting a report on the conference as soon it’s over.

We published a new LDAP whitepaper today on our website. 10 new LDAP RFCs were published in June 2006 (RFCs 4510-4519) to provide a new LDAPv3 specification and to replace RFC 2251 and a number of related specifications. The goal of the new whitepaper is to guide those with some basic knowledge of LDAP quickly through all of these documents. The paper, The LDAP Standard Specification, can be found by following the link.