Isode and Swift

February 16, 2012

Since launching M-Link, our XMPP server, we’ve been asked by many organisations if we can supply and support both server and client components of an XMPP solution.

While Isode remains primarily focused on server software, we’ve teamed up with the developers of the Swift XMPP client to offer commercial support contracts for Swift installations. A lot of Isode staff use Swift as their preferred client (it’s free, open source and is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and we’ve been recommending Swift in our evaluation guides for some time.

Swift has been partly developed by one of Isode’s engineering team and as a company we have contributed engineering resources to its development, something we intend to continue. In addition we’re also now offering commercial licences and support for the Swiften XMPP Client Library. Swiften is used as the back-end library for Swift.

For more information please contact Isode.