NITEC16 and Harrier (Web)

June 15th, 2016

NITEC is the annual flagship event of the NATO Communications and Information Agency, organised this year in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence, Estonia.

NITEC is both a conference and an exhibition and this year Isode took a small exhibition stand to show demonstrations of a wide range of our server and messaging software. NITEC was also the first public outing of the web-based version of our Harrier military messaging client.

Our demonstration setup (illustrated below) showed email, text chat and forms data exchange between two domains, using different security policies over a constrained network link.

Isode demonstration setup for NITEC

The constrained network link was simulated using MoRaSky, an Isode test tool which emulates (HF) Modems, Radios and Sky (Ionosphere).

Attendees were shown security label mapping and conversion, clearance‐based message control in email, 1:1 chat and multi‐user chat using Isode’s message clients (Swift for XMPP & Harrier for Email) and servers (M‐Switch & M‐Link).

NITEC was the first public showing of Harrier (Web)

NITEC proved to be a great source of feedback on Isode products, especially Harrier, and we’re looking forward to incorporating that feedback into future versions of Harrier and future demonstrations.

We are recruiting

March 22nd, 2016

Isode Ltd is a UK software product company whose server software products form a key part of messaging and directory solutions in the military, aviation, government and intelligence industries worldwide. Isode works through partners and Systems Integrators to deliver solutions incorporating Isode products but also maintains a strong technical relationship with end users, who frequently approach Isode for evaluation material and technical advice on ongoing and new projects.

Strong growth of interest in Isode’s products, particularly in the military messaging market, has led to a requirement for an additional dedicated Pre-Sales Engineer to work in the Commercial Team. This position involves assisting Isode staff and Isode’s Partners with technical sales activities in new and existing opportunities, helping to remove technical barriers to a sale, including:

  • Leading the technical relationship with key prospects
  • Delivery of technical presentations to key prospects and customers
  • Contributing to bid documentation and sales proposals
  • Taking ownership of evaluation material and resources
  • Maintenance of demonstration systems
  • Development of proof of concept systems
  • Assisting with technical product support
  • Delivering product training to partners

The successful candidate, who will have worked in a technical role, will need:

  • Operating System skills on Windows and/or Linux/Solaris
  • Experience with enterprise-level software
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Experience in a client or public facing role
  • Good verbal and written presentation skills
  • Strong time-management, prioritisation and planning skills
  • Experience with messaging server software and/or one of Isode’s target markets would be advantageous
  • At least 2-3 years commercial experience (Isode also welcomes applications from suitably experienced ex-military personnel)

This role will require occasional travel to Isode’s main geographical Markets (Europe, N.America, Mid-East).

CVs can be sent to , but please note that it is company policy that we do not use recruitment agencies and we will not return calls or emails from recruitment consultants.

R16.3v10: An Important Security Change

March 11th, 2016

Today we’ve released the latest version of R16.3, R16.3v10.

This release, and all subsequent updates include OpenSSL 1.0.1s or later in order to address the OpenSSL Security Advisory described here.

This version of OpenSSL removes the availability of all unrestricted cipher suites. This means all ciphers of 56 bits or less have been removed from this release. In practice this means that if you wish to use TLS, you will need an export-controlled High Grade Encryption (HGE) license from Isode. These licenses are subject to export control.

Please read the page on Transport Layer Security for a further description of HGE.

If you wish to continue using TLS and your license does not currently include HGE, or if you are unsure, please contact for further details. You should obtain the new license file prior to installing the new version.

An update has been issued for the R16.2 branch (R16.2v21) to address this security advisory, releases for all other supported branches will be issued over the next week and announced on our twitter feed using #release.

We’re Recruiting

January 14th, 2016

Isode is a medium sized UK software product company based in Hampton, Middlesex that provides standards based messaging, security and directory products to a number of different sectors. Isode’s key vertical markets are ISPs, Aviation, Military, and Government. We are currently recruiting an engineer to work as part of the development testing team. We intend that candidates will be involved in the development of automated test tools and frameworks. Specifically, the successful candidate will work in the existing testing team and liaise closely with product developers to develop tests and extensible test frameworks.

At present we have various test suites and infrastructure developed using Lua, Perl, Java and Tcl and so experience of one or more of these is highly desirable. A demonstrable ability to quickly grasp new languages and concepts is very important as we work across a broad range of development environments and technologies.

Isode delivers software on a range of platforms including Linux, Solaris, Windows and HP/UX and a deep understanding of at least one of these platforms would be very useful.

Experience of the following technical areas would also be advantageous:

  • Network programming.
  • Internet and OSI messaging and directory protocols, e.g. XMPP, IMAP, SMTP, X.400, LDAP and X.500.
  • Security technologies, e.g. X.509, TLS, SASL and SSL.
  • Multi-threaded programming.

The successful candidate will enjoy a competitive salary together with a good benefits package including profit related pay and share options.

CVs should be sent to

R16.4 Preview Release

December 14th, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that a preview release, R16.4, is now available.

This preview release will be mostly of interest to military users. It will enable the evaluation of a number of new ACP127 and BRASS capabilities.

The following BRASS features are in R16.4.

  • ACP127 Broadcast. Including operation over serial and non-ARQ COSS, ship and shore sides, and NATO and Italian RECAP messages, automatic retransmission requests/retransmission, and two minute messages.
  • Ship to Shore. Configuration of separate ship to shore circuits is added.
  • Off The Air Monitoring (OTAM). The OTAM process can compare the transmit and receive data streams. If they vary by more than a configurable amount (i.e., corresponding to a bit error rate on the received stream) then the OTAM process will flag this to a management process.
  • Serial Line support. Support for serial hubs such as Digi Portserver TS. The ACP127 data can be sent direct to modem allowing broadcast with or without the use of a 5066 server.
  • Support for Recap messages and retransmission allowing lost messages to be sent successfully.

The new ACP127 management features are:

  • Mconsole has a new Circuit Monitoring View, that enables useful monitoring of ACP127 traffic. This also provides the ability to take over the stream manually.
  • Mconsole has a new ACP127 Message Transfer View allowing the operator to view ACP127 messages currently queued for transfer out
  • Mconsole has a new OTAM monitoring GUI.

Support for the following ACP127 Variants has been added.

  • ACP128 support.
  • ACP126 support.
  • DOI-103 support.
  • DOI-103s support.
  • ACP 126 support.
  • Janap 128 support.
  • BSG support.

R16.4 is currently available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7 (64 bit) including CentOS equivalents, Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit), Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2. Debian Linux 8 64-bit will be added in a subsequent update to R16.4.

R16.4 will be supported until the release of our next major release (R17.0) and is for test and demonstration systems only, we will not support running R16.4 in a production environment.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the R16.4 preview release contact us at

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