Isode Directory Client APIs

Isode provides a number of APIs which allow integrators and product developers to build components or client programs to connect to, query and modify data in the directory. These APIs are designed to be simple for application writers to be able to access general directory functionality.

In addition, the APIs include functionality targeted at specific applications and markets (e.g. ATN (Air Traffic Network) Directory API for the Air Traffic industry: AMHS).

Further information is available for the Isode Directory API Product. This includes details on Interoperability, Conformance and Security

API Components

The Isode Directory APIs can use X.500 Directory Access Protocol (DAP) and/or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to access a Directory

The APIs are cross platform. The latest release has the following supported platforms, or read the Release Notes for the Isode release in use.

The following security features are available:

  • Simple authentication is supported for DAP and LDAP.
  • Strong authentication (using an X.509 client certificate) is supported for LDAP and DAP connections.
  • SASL support is provided for LDAP.
  • TLS is supported over LDAP (using either LDAPS or LDAP+startTLS)
  • Password policy controls are available for LDAP.

Client Libraries

There are two client libraries which expose C Language bindings for Directory client applications:

There is a single java client library which, as well as providing all of the functionality in the two C libraries, provides classes which can create and process LDIF data: